Amigurumi: What is it, How to Make it and +88 Beautiful Models

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Whoever is inside the world of DIY knows that one of the main trends of the moment is the amigurumi. Very famous worldwide, the amigurumi arrived in Brazil like a real fever, which can be explained by the beauty of the models found on the market. With a simple and delicate design, it is difficult to find anyone who does not fall in love with a crochet amigurumi.

For those who do not know the amigurumi, understanding its concept is not difficult. The name, for example, is a combination of the Japanese words “ami” (knitted or knitted) and “nuigurumi” (stuffed animals). In other words, its basis is basically knitting and crochet, which allow the making of a series of very cute pets and that can be part of your decoration, especially that of baby rooms and so on.

amigurumi - amigurumi foxes 1. Amigurumi has become a real fever in recent years

Examples of the many creative possibilities of amigurumi are the amigurumi doll, the amigurumi bear, the amigurumi octopus and many others. With good amigurumi recipes you get creative models that are sure to be the highlights of your decor. Even the amigurumi versions for beginners are striking, proving that the beauty of this craft work is in the technique.

If you want to learn this interesting resource, know that we are here to help you. Keep reading and learn the main techniques involving learning how to make amigurumi, with unmissable tips to have the most fun models. Enjoy and take a look at our gallery, as we have separated amazing crochet amigurumi photos for you to get inspired when it comes to getting your hands dirty and creating your own models.

What is an amigurumi?

As much as amigurumi has become a strong trend in the world of decoration and DIY, some things involving the technique are not well known by the general public. One of them is the amigurumi recipes, which exist to help those interested in making their own models to reproduce versions already on the market, making it easy to find good examples on the internet.

amigurumi - little amigurumi dinosaur 2. Amigurumi patterns are made from recipes. Photo: Women’s Elegance

However, amigurumi recipes have a complexity that can only be understood by those who are already familiar with knitting and crochet. Amigurumi recipes not only use technical jargon, but also work with guidelines based on concepts well established by the practice of knitting. This can be seen in the simplest recipes, which usually work with photos and a real step by step.

How did the amigurumi come about?

Amigurumi miscellaneous3. Amigurumis appeared in the 1980s in Japan – Photo: Via Pinterest

The amigurumi dolls made in knitting and crochet appeared in the 80’s in Japan and nowadays they are successful in everybody, including in Brazil. Japan is recognized for its weaving techniques, however amigurumi is made using knitting and crochet techniques from the East, but they were widely used by samurai who made their own socks with their fingers, as they allowed greater freedom in their movements.

Amigurumi dolls appeared in the 80s, after the development of graphics and kawaii culture very strong in the country, as they value high aesthetic quality mainly in their pop culture. With this culture on the rise, Japanese magazines aimed at the female audience started publishing various recipes on how to create their amigurumi, thus spreading the animals to the general public. With the great demand and demand for amigurumi in January 2002, the first Japanese Amigurumi Association was created.

Types of amigurumi

Nowadays there are several types of amigurumi, from the ones made for babies that are used to reassure them, for children as a soft and fluffy toy and for adults, used mostly for decorating environments. This great diversity of public occurs, because the amigurumi making technique allows the elaboration of several pieces such as: cartoon characters, animals, flowers and plants or even invented beings. Thus, amigurumi become objects that appeal to all audiences and are therefore very successful.

Amigurumi various characters4. Amigurumi can be made in several models – Photo: Via Pinterest

Walkthrough: What you need to know to make an amigurumi

To be able to replicate or even create an amigurumi it will be necessary to know some knitting or crochet techniques, at first it may seem complicated, but with practice and dedication the result will be incredible. See below the step by step of the most used crochet stitch:

Amigurumi crochet stitch and knitting chain5. The “little chain” stitch is one of the most used for making an amigurumi – Photo: Elian Silva

Crochet stitches

The most common and used point of crochet is called little chain, one of the simplest points of the technique as it simulates a braid of hair. When you start making the chain, you can choose the most open or closed stitch, as it can vary depending on the needle and thread chosen. Let’s start:

  • First step is to stretch the end of the line and make a turn;
  • Second step is to pass two fingers through the loop and pull the thread, thus creating a knot;
  • In the third step, insert the needle into the loop and pull the thread until the knot is close to the needle;
  • In the fourth step to start the chain, hold the loose end of the thread inside your hand and with the other hand make movements with the needle;
  • The fifth step you position the needle hook facing you and hold the thread between your fingers. Then pass the needle underneath and lace the thread by pulling into the knot;
  • The stitch continues like this, looping the thread underneath and pulling into the knot.


Choosing the appropriate thread is an important step, as it is close to the needle that defined the size of the stitches and consequently the size of your amigurumi. The thicker line of light color can make it easier if you are a beginner, since with them it is easier to see and observe the points.


Most thread bundles indicate the ideal needle size, but this need not be taken literally. Choosing a needle that is comfortable in your hand is essential, as working with crochet requires a high number of hours of work. The size of the needle will also determine the size of the garment, because larger threads and needles will give a greater volume.


An amigurumi needs to be filled with light and fluffy materials, that’s why silicone fiber is one of the indicated materials. This fiber is looser and softer making the amigurumi look light and fluffy. Wool can also be used as a filler, however it is necessary to use a greater number of this material.


The final details of your pet are something very personal, but the most common are the black eyes that can be reproduced by materials such as the black half pearl with a straight base or any other type of craft material that can be found in several sewing stores .

What are the best amigurumi models for beginners?

As we have already said, amigurumi is a difficult technique to be replicated by those who are not used to all the properties of crochet and knitting. Even so, it is possible to find amigurumi models for beginners, which call attention due to the lower level of complexity, with recipes that are easier to follow and, of course, understood by those who are just starting out.

amigurumi - big amigurumi fox 6. Some amigurumi patterns are easier for beginners to make. Photo: Apron Basket

That said, we can use as an example of a good amigurumi model for beginners those who are smaller and have simple shapes. Dolls, for example, are very complex, requiring a lot of knowledge to be able to make the arms and legs. Amigurumi keyrings and even cacti, in turn, are simpler and do not take long to be made.

Amigurumi Doll

Speaking of amigurumi doll, we can’t help but reserve a topic for her. In addition to being very popular, a good model of amigurumi doll is perfect for your decoration, especially for girl rooms. You can still make use of the amigurumi doll as a toy for your children, considering that because they are knitted it can be used even by babies.

amigurumi - doll with amigurumi flowers 7. Amigurumi dolls are perfect gifts. Photo: How to Make Amigurumi

Amigurumi bear

The amigurumi bear is the most popular model on the market. Precisely for reproducing the first versions, still made in Japan, the amigurumi bear is also the most versatile type, being possible to find incredible variations. Some recipes even associate the amigurumi bear with other elements, such as decorative candles, lanterns, lamps and items that make it even better as a decorative element.

amigurumi - bear with amigurumi clothes 8. Amigurumi bears are the most popular models. Photo: Info Portal

Amigurumi Octopus

Also very common, the amigurumi octopus is a great representative of the fun fact that the technique can promote for your decoration. Many amigurumi octopus models are made in creative ways, which is possible thanks to the tentacles. You can find, for example, an amigurumi octopus with colorful tentacles, made from other materials and even models that work as lamps or even personalized lamps. These models in turn end up making the ambient lighting even more special.

Amigurumi - amigurumi octopuses 9. Amigurumi octopuses can be fun. Photo: Mercado Livre

Amigurumi Keychain

Amigurumi keyrings have also been gaining space with the general public, because they are great choices to give as a gift to someone special. By using the crochet and knitting technique these pieces have an excellent cost-benefit and are a good choice for those who want to earn an extra buck or even start their own business. Felt keyrings and amigurumi keyrings can be customized depending on the taste of each person and are therefore a great success in sales.

Amigurumi keychain in the shape of ice cream10. The amigurumi keychain can be customized for any taste – Foto Revista Artesanato

Is it possible to learn how to make amigurumi fast?

Because it is an interesting item for decorations, it is common to find people who want to learn how to make amigurumi in a short period of time. However, this is very difficult to achieve, given that a good crochet amigurumi model can take a long time to be made even by those who like to work with string or have mastered the knitting technique and have knowledge in the area.

amigurumi - amigurumi pug 11. Making amigurumi pieces requires constant learning. Photo: I Love Crochet

That said, the tip for those who want to discover a magic formula on how to make amigurumi fast is to study hard before getting your hands dirty. That is, before any attempt to reproduce the recipes that can be found on the internet, the best thing to do is to learn the basics of knitting, making single pieces like small rugs and even different kitchen utensils like creative sousplats, napkins and so on. against.

Did you like the tips? Then check out our gallery with + 77 beautiful crochet amigurumi models

amigurumi - amigurumi bear 12. You can make many models of amigurumi. Photo: Female’s Way

amigurumi - amigurumi teddy bear 13. Decorating your amigurumi bear never hurts. Photo: Amigurumi Forum

amigurumi - amigurumi teddy bears 14. When it comes to amigurumi, the sky is the limit. Photo: Instagram

amigurumi - amigurumi yellow bear 15. This beautiful amigurumi bear can be made by anyone who is willing to learn the technique. Photo: Learn Crochet from Zero

amigurumi - amigurumi blue bear 16. You can associate the amigurumi with other elements. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi white bear 17. Amigurumi is perfect for children’s decorations. Photo: Amiguroom Toys

amigurumi - white and purple amigurumi bear 18. Your home is much more delicate with an amigurumi piece. Photo: Kunst Home

amigurumi - amigurumi gray bear 19. Amigurumi can have many colors. Photo: Crochet Graphics

amigurumi - bear in amigurumi dress 20. Large pieces can be made with amigurumi. Photo: Amiguroom Toys

amigurumi - big amigurumi bear 21. Amigurumi pleases children and adults. Photo: Amigurumi Brazil

amigurumi - amigurumi brown bear 22. Amigurumi is always an excellent gift. Photo: Pinterest

amigurumi - amigurumi christmas bear23. Amigurumi works as a great toy. Photo: World Celebrities

amigurumi - colorful amigurumi bears 24. Depending on the model, your house will come to life with the amigurumi. Photo: My Crochet World

amigurumi - amigurumi miniature bears 25. Many animals can be made with amigurumi. Photo: Amimore

amigurumi - amigurumi alpaca 26. This is a beautiful amigurumi alpaca. Photo: Amigurumi Patterns

amigurumi - avocados de amigurumi 27. You can still dare and make amigurumi foods. Photo: Knitting Day

amigurumi - amigurumi ballerina 28. Amigurumi is a great souvenir. Photo: Amimore

amigurumi - big amigurumi ballerina 29. A baby shower will be even more complete with an amigurumi souvenir. Photo: Elo7

amigurumi - amigurumi batman 30. Entire birthday parties can be decorated with amigurumi. Photo: Amigurumi Brazil

amigurumi - amigurumi ox 31. This amigurumi ox is an excellent gift for children. Photo: Casa do Amigurumi

amigurumi - colorful amigurumi doll 32. You can give your touch to the amigurumi. Photo: How to Make Amigurumi

amigurumi - big colorful amigurumi doll

33. You can still sell the amigurumi models you make. Photo: Sol Ideias em Artesanato

amigurumi - amigurumi doll

34. Creativity is the main element of amigurumi. Photo: How to Make Amigurumi

amigurumi - amigurumi doll with real hair

35. This doll uses amigurumi and at the same time natural hair. Photo: AmiMore

amigurumi - big amigurumi doll

36. Many dolls can be made with amigurumi. Photo: World Celebrities

amigurumi - big and colorful amigurumi doll

37. The amigurumi doll is more delicate than traditional models. Photo: Crochet and Amigurumi

amigurumi - amigurumi blonde doll

38. The amigurumi doll is an excellent gift. Photo: Creative Ok

amigurumi - amigurumi black doll

39. Many children would love to receive an amigurumi doll as a gift. Photo: Crafts Step by Step

amigurumi - small amigurumi doll

40. The more creative, the more interesting the amigurumi is. Photo: Etsy

amigurumi - christmas dolls made of amigurumi

41. Your Christmas decoration can be made with amigurumi. Photo: Pinterest

amigurumi - amigurumi donkey

42. This beautiful amigurumi donkey would look beautiful in your living room. Photo: Amigurumi pets

amigurumi - white amigurumi dog

43. Amigurumi dogs are also popular. Photo: See and Do

amigurumi - amigurumi dog

44. You can make an amigurumi dog in many ways. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi dog in gray color

45. The important thing about amigurumi is delicacy. Photo: Amiguroom Toys

amigurumi - small amigurumi dog

46. ​​Knowing the knitting technique is fundamental in amigurumi. Photo: Amigurumi Brazil

amigurumi - amigurumi dogs

47. A whole set of amigurumi can be made for you. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - colorful amigurumi centipede

48. This amigurumi centipede is extremely fun. Photo: We love news

amigurumi - amigurumi centipede

49. Your child’s room can count on a beautiful amigurumi centipede. Photo: How to Make Amigurumi

amigurumi - crazy amigurumi hatter

50. Your amigurumi can be themed. Photo: Revisa Artesanato

amigurumi - amigurumi koala

51. Koalas are even cuter if made from amigurumi. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi rabbit

52. Amigurumi can be used for many designs. Photo: Pinterest

amigurumi - big amigurumi rabbit

53. A good amigurumi animal is delicate and fun. Photo: Crochet How to Make

amigurumi - amigurumi joker and harlequin

54. Keyrings can be made of amigurumi. Photo: Revista Artesanato

amigurumi - pink amigurumi dinosaur

55. Some materials are needed to make the amigurumi. Photo: Kids Crochets

amigurumi - amigurumi blue elephant

56. Good amigurumi patterns catch the eye of the beholder. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi elephant

57. Your amigurumi must be perfect. Photo: Zefirka Room

amigurumi - brown amigurumi elephant

58. Don’t be afraid to dare on your amigurumi. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi flower

59. This beautiful amigurumi flower is a precious piece of decoration. Photo: Amigurumi Brazil

amigurumi - amigurumi garfield

60. Even a Garfield can be made of amigurumi. Photo: Ravelry

amigurumi - amigurumi beaver

61. Amigurumi can reproduce animals perfectly. Photo: Craftsy

amigurumi - amigurumi cat

62. Amigurumi is, after all, very cute. Photo: I Love Crochet

amigurumi - amigurumi gray cat

63. Amigurumi is the touch of cuteness that your home needed. Photo: Hair Styles of Womens

amigurumi - amigurumi cat

64. Be sure to at least buy an amigurumi for your home. Photo: Elo7

amigurumi - big amigurumi cats

65. An amigurumi is best accompanied. Photo: Amimore

amigurumi - amigurumi giraffe

66. This amigurumi giraffe is more than delicate. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi groot

67. This baby Groot is perfect for fun decor. Photo: Amigurumi Brazil

amigurumi - amigurumi insect

68. Amigurumi can be the most fun element of your decor. Photo: World Celebrities

amigurumi - pink amigurumi lion

69. Amigurumi is interesting because it is flashy. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi pig

70. This amigurumi pig is very cute. Photo: Noli

amigurumi - amigurumi llama

71. Your amigurumi pet can be hyper decorated. Photo: Instagram

amigurumi - small amigurumi llama

72. Even simple amigurumi attracts a lot of attention. Photo: Instagram

amigurumi - colorful amigurumi llamas

73. Amigurumi is perfect when colored. Photo: My Crochet World

amigurumi - amigurumi girl

74. Large amigurumi patterns are perfect. Photo: Flickr

amigurumi - girl and amigurumi dog

75. This amigurumi is hyper-detailed. Photo: Easy Knitting

amigurumi - amigurumi mickey

76. Even a Mickey can be made of amigurumi. Photo: Shoe Brand

amigurumi - amigurumi sheep

77. Making amigurumi takes discipline. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi penguin

78. This beautiful penguin plays with the amigurumi in its entire structure. Photo: World Celebrities

amigurumi - amigurumi penguins

79. It is worth making an amigurumi game. Photo: Creative Crochet

amigurumi - amigurumi pig

80. Your amigurumi may have clothes. Photo: How to Make Amigurumi

amigurumi - amigurumi fox

81. Foxes are very common in amigurumi. Photo: Women’s Elegance

amigurumi - small amigurumi fox

82. The amigurumi is perfect for allowing many models. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - little amigurumi mermaid

83. The amigurumi mermaid is perfect as a gift. Photo: Arteirices and Costurices

amigurumi - amigurumi mermaid

84. Many amigurumi mermaids play with colors. Photo: Revista Artesanato

amigurumi - purple amigurumi mermaid

85. This amigurumi mermaid is simpler. Photo: Arteirices Costurices

amigurumi - sid from the amigurumi ice age

86. This amigurumi Sid is perfect as a toy. Photo: Lady Ideas

amigurumi - amigurumi snoopy

87. Amigurumi Snoopy is one of the most traditional models. Photo: Amigurumi Forum

amigurumi - snoopy and amigurumi woodstock

88. The delicacy of the amigurumi is impressive. Photo: Amigurinos

amigurumi - amigurumi unicorn

89. Another popular model of amigurumi is the unicorn. Photo: For a Much Better Life

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