Bedroom Sconce: Check out Models and +43 Inspiring Examples

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In any decoration, leaving the rooms efficiently lit is one of the most important tasks. Decorators from all over the world spend a lot of time choosing fixtures that are functional and beautiful, which gets even more complex when the customer wants something more detailed, like big chandeliers, lots of wall sconces for the bedroom and so on.

With regard to the sconce for the bedroom, this process of choice is even more complicated, considering that there are many models available on the market. Wall light for double room, for example, exists in lots, which also applies to wall light for baby room and other more specific versions, such as wall sconces with switch.

bedroom wall light - bedroom with wood panel and wooden wall light 1. The bedroom sconce has become very popular. Coco Lapine Design Project

All this versatility of the sconce for the bedroom makes it a very popular item, being easy to find houses whose bedrooms have a good model illuminating the environment. In some cases, the bedroom sconce is also used in order to replace centralized lighting, a trend that is growing more and more in the world of interior design.

If you are a person who is aware of what happens in the decoration and wants to know more about the sconce for the bedroom, know that you have come to the right place. Keep reading and check out a series of important information about the main models in the market. Enjoy and take a look at our gallery with beautiful models of LED bedroom sconces, classic bedroom sconces and much more!

What is the best double wall light?

When we think of a sconce for a bedroom, most of the time we are thinking about a sconce for a double room, considering that this is a room that usually receives a little more attention when it comes to decoration. That said, the question remains what is the best sconce model for a double bedroom, taking into account the importance of the room.

sconce for bedroom - wooden roof in bedroom with rustic style 2. The double wall light is a very common model. Bianka Mugnatto’s design

In general, it is difficult to define a single sconce for a double bedroom as the most suitable. The choice will depend a lot on the decorative style that the room has or will have. However, something that is always better in a double room is the double sconce models for the bedroom. They illuminate more and so that both sides of the bed can feel their effect and thus have greater visual comfort.

What is the best wall sconce for children’s room?

Different from what many think, on the market it is not difficult to find wall sconce models for children’s rooms. Just like any other room, the place where children sleep deserves good lighting, so you have to be very careful when buying the wall sconce for a children’s room. In that case, it is important that the bedroom sconce is as suitable as possible.

bedroom sconce - baby room with floral rug 3. The sconce for children’s rooms must be balanced. Nicolle do Vale Project

But how to find it? First, keep in mind that very strong lighting can be negative for children, which is also true in the case of a sconce with a low luminous power. The most suitable bedroom sconce for the little ones is always the balanced one, with medium light and fun details so that children feel comfortable having the product in the place where they sleep.

The advantages of wall sconces with switch

Speaking now of the main models of bedroom sconces that are sold, we cannot leave the bedroom sconces with side switch. They represent the popularity of sconces in many ways, something that can be explained by the advantages they have as products for home and decoration. An example of this is the fact that the wall sconces with switch are the most functional models on the market.

bedroom sconce - modern bedroom with black sconce 4. The wall light with switch is the most functional model. Photo: Original Home

As you can see, the wall light with switch does not require you to have direct contact with it to function. While some models of bedroom sconces require the resident to face the risk of suffering an accident, in this model you are completely safe, requiring only a good installation so that everything works without any direct contact.

The advantages of the LED bedroom light

The LED bedroom light is also a very popular model. Its main advantage is that it is probably the sconce for the bedroom with the greatest lighting power. With the LED wall light for the bedroom you can light up an entire room with just one copy on your wall, something that avoids spending on the purchase of other items that can complement the use.

bedroom sconce - bedroom with yellow light sconce 5. The lighting power of the bedroom sconce is very interesting. Photo: Simple Decoration

Speaking of economics, the LED bedroom light stands out for being very durable. While fluorescent lamps last an average of 300 hours, a good LED lamp can remain in operation for up to 50,000 hours. With this model of sconce for bedroom, therefore, you guarantee much more savings and less work with maintenance and eventual changes.

Watch the video with more tips on how to choose a wall light for bedroom

Did you like the tips? Check out our gallery with beautiful wall sconces for bedroom

bedroom wall light - metal wall light in rustic room 6. The bedroom sconce must be functional and decorative. Photo: The Ragged Wren

bedroom wall light - rustic wall light 7. The bedroom sconce should increase comfort in the room. Photo: Decor Fácil

bedroom sconce - antique sconces with yellow light 8. A good sconce for the bedroom is also interesting as a decoration piece. Photo: Etsy

bedroom wall light - bedroom with lampshade wall light 9. The bedroom sconce can replace the lamp. Project by Sesso & Dalanezi Architecture + Design

bedroom sconce - bedroom with retractable sconces 10. This bedroom sconce is interesting because it is retractable. Project by Sesso & Dalanezi Architecture + Design

bedroom sconce - bedroom with colorful pillows and upholstered headboard

11. The bedroom sconce should be installed strategically. Elen Saravalli’s project

bedroom sconce - pendant and sconce in double bedroom

12. Some models of bedroom sconces are interesting to offer a different effect to the room. Laura Santos Project

bedroom sconce - geometric wallpaper and industrial sconce

13. You can make a simple bedroom sconce yourself. Photo: Morar Mais Por Menos Goiânia 2017

bedroom sconce - children's room with table and sconce

14. The room sconce in this room is simple. Migs Architecture Project

bedroom wall light - double bedroom with simple built-in wall light

15. Some wall sconce models are interesting because they are embedded in the wall. Sergio Palmeira’s project

bedroom sconce - double bedroom with lamp sconces

16. The bedroom sconce can imitate a lamp. Brise Architecture and Interior Design

bedroom sconce - light leather headboard and patterned armchairs

17. This bedroom sconce draws attention because it is geometric. Bruno Carvalho’s project

bedroom wall light - bedroom and classic wall light

18. This golden sconce works great with the decor. Photo: Welum

bedroom sconce - bedroom with high ceiling and modern sconces

19. The double wall light must be double. Photo: Interior Decor Masters

bedroom sconce - bedroom with gray headboard and white sconce

20. This wall light has a simple operation. Photo: The Bathonian

bedroom sconce - bedroom in white tones

21. The installation of the bedroom sconce must be very well done. Photo: White and Other Colors

bedroom wall light - wall light affixed to upholstered headboard

22. The headboard can serve as a panel for a bedroom sconce. Photo: Work Manual

bedroom sconce - gray bedroom with black sconce

23. The black bedroom sconce is always a good intention. Photo: Lovin Blog

bedroom wall light - bedroom with large wall light

24. The bedroom sconce can act as a kind of pendant. Photo: Behance

bedroom wall light - bedroom with gray panel and gray wall light

25. Panels are great for supporting the bedroom sconce. House Design Très Chic

bedroom sconce - bedroom in neutral tones with side sconces

26. It may be interesting to associate the bedroom sconce with the chandelier. Photo: Instagram

bedroom wall light - wooden panel wall light

27. The bedroom sconce should work as a good lighting point. Yara Alflen project

bedroom wall light - bedroom with upholstered headboard and black wall light

28. The bedroom sconce can be installed on an upholstered headboard. Photo: Beautifull Photo

bedroom wall light - rustic demolition wood wall light

29. The rustic bedroom sconce makes the room much more interesting. Photo: Instagram

sconce for bedroom - wall with bricks and white headboard

30. The choice of the lamp is very important in a bedroom sconce. Space Design of the Dash Architecture

bedroom sconce - bedroom with baker panel and sconce

31. The bedroom sconce is generally very discreet. Project by Débora Aguiar

bedroom sconce - bedroom with black wall and golden sconce

32. Modern decorations earn a lot with the bedroom sconce. Photo: Ideias Decor

bedroom wall light - bedroom with demolition wood wall light

33. The bedroom sconce should match the rest of the room. Photo: Imgur

bedroom sconce - wooden floor with light wall

34. This bedroom sconce is simple and very interesting. Project by Lorrayne Zucolotto

sconce for bedroom - double bedroom with white and black headboard

35. The bedroom light should illuminate specific regions. Project by Ana Andrade

bedroom wall light - bedroom with wall light and crystal chandelier

36. Classic decorations are also made more interesting with a good sconce for the bedroom. Photo: Juliette’s Interiors

bedroom sconce - bedroom with small and golden sconce

37. The golden bedroom sconce is always very luxurious. Photo: Delicacy Time

bedroom sconce - classic bedroom with double sconces

38. Wooden walls also support a bedroom sconce. Photo: The Home Decor Furnishing

bedroom sconce - double bedroom with lampshade sconce

39. The interesting thing about this bedroom sconce is that it comes out of the mirror. Project by Raduan Arquitetura

bedroom sconce - white headboard with frames

40. The bedroom sconce does not have to be very flashy. Bianka Mugnatto’s design

bedroom sconce - bedroom with single sconces

41. This bedroom sconce gives more emphasis to the room. Camila Valentini’s project

bedroom sconce - bedroom with 3d coating and sconce

42. The bedroom sconce can be installed very high. Photo: You Need Decor

bedroom sconce - brown nightstand and sconce

43. The sconce for a protected room is very common. Denise Barretto’s project

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