Easter Table Setting: The Touch That Missed That Playful Date

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An Easter table set caprichada is practically a tradition of celebration at Sunday lunch with the family. After all, the date is party, union, fraternity and love. And need more?

We, at Montacasa, believe that the table set is, in fact, a form of zeal and affection with meals, besides, of course, making the moment of eating much more pleasant.

rustic decoration for easter table1. The rustic details give a special touch to the decoration of the Easter table – Photo: Pinterest

To impress guests at Easter you don’t have to spend a lot. The date asks for a lot of creativity, be it in the decoration, the menu or the games.

Let’s put these great tips into practice Easter table set perfect?

colorful easter table decoration with rabbits and candles2. The Easter table deserves a fun and cheerful decoration – Photo: Pinterest

Play with the date

Easter, by itself, already has a playful air and it can enter the scene, without problems! For the decoration of your Easter table, invest in fun and delicate details such as using colorful eggs, special plates and cutlery, as well as ornaments with decorative rabbits.

decorative rabbit for Easter table with several colorful eggs3. Decorative rabbit for Easter table with several colorful eggs – Photo: Pinterest

Easter is the time to decorate with everything that reminds you of this period:

Bunnies. They can be plush, porcelain, cotton and wood, in the photo below, for example, the Easter table has a beautiful decorative rabbit made of wood in the center of the table, which has brought this Easter atmosphere to the environment.

Simple decoration for Easter table with wooden rabbit4. Simple decoration for Easter table with wooden rabbit – Photo: Pinterest

Eggs, whether chocolate or just decorative, are also guaranteed to be present at every Easter table, and here the tip is to use your imagination so that the eggs compose the table harmoniously.

For a cheerful and playful decoration, it is worth investing in colored eggs, if the objective is something more classic, invest in eggs in neutral colors. In the photo of the Easter table below, the eggs are used in each of the lunch guests’ dishes, finished with a beautiful napkin in the shape of rabbit ears.

Eggs for Easter table decoration with neutral colors5. Eggs for Easter table decoration with neutral colors – Photo: Pinterest

It is important to remember that eggs and rabbits represent life and because of that they are so present in every Easter decoration. But other items can also be used to give an even more beautiful finish to your Easter table like carrots, ribbon bows and straw niches.

1st time as a host?

If this is the first time that you are welcoming guests to your Easter lunch, there is no reason to worry.

To create an Easter table it is possible to use the crockery you already have at home, even if they have neutral tones. Especially because, here and between us, with the size of the current residences, none of us has space to have an infinite number of models.

Now, what you can do is add just a few details that can be left to the thematic articles. Our tip is to invest in a rabbit shaped napkin holder, for example.

6. Easter table set decorated with a rabbit shaped napkin holder - Photo: Pinterest6. Easter table set decorated with a rabbit shaped napkin holder – Photo: Pinterest

Choose the tone of the event

If your lunch is more relaxed, there is nothing to stop using American games. Have you ever thought of a crochet sousplat? It can bring an air of warmth to lunch.

Now, if the celebration has a formal touch, the tablecloth is the ideal item. To give a differential what do you think of complementing with a rail?

Clean decoration for Easter table set with linen rail 7. Clean decoration for Easter table with linen rail – Photo: Pinterest

Specific items

Some specific thematic objects can set the tone of the event.

Therefore, invest in cutlery is a practical and playful item, decorated crockery, golden cutlery or with a different design, among others.

Cutlery holder for Easter decoration8. Cutlery holder for Easter decoration – Photo: Pinterest

What do you think of rabbit print plates or colorful cups? In the photo below you can see that these special dishes are responsible for making the table more beautiful and playful.

Playful decoration for Easter table with rabbit print dishes9. Playful decoration for Easter table with rabbit print dishes – Photo: Pinterest

Do it yourself

Remember that not everything that is put on the table necessarily needs to have left a decoration store. What do you think of getting your hands dirty with a DIY (Do It Yourself)? Surely it will bring a personalized touch to your Easter.

how to fold napkin for Easter table10. Make your own decoration for the Easter table – Photo: Pinterest

A tip that always works is to print a phrase or even the traditional phrase “Happy Easter” and place it on top, bottom or bottom of the plate, or even be used as decorative tags for personalized sweets.

Pink and white Easter table setting with golden cutlery11. Pink and white Easter table decoration with golden cutlery – Photo: Pinterest


A detail that you have certainly noticed: Easter is colorful and happy!

When decorating the table, opt for the delicacy of soft and light colors that only candy color can offer: green, pink, blue and yellow. Oh, and they can be put together or alone, both will look amazing!

However, if you are not a big fan of this palette, another tip is to invest in striped or dust elements. It is a charm too!

Easter table setting in pastel colors 12. Easter table decoration in pastel colors – Photo: Pinterest

You can never miss

Most of the set tables are made up of fabric napkins and natural flowers, so here it couldn’t be different, since they bring a touch of affection to the table.

Flower arrangement for simple Easter table decoration 13. Flower arrangement for simple Easter table decoration – Photo: Pinterest

If possible, enjoy nature

Have you thought about making your lunch outdoors? We bet that your guests will love it and will get in the mood of what Easter represents, in addition, you get a beautiful natural setting for your decoration.

Rustic decoration for outdoor Easter table 14. Rustic decoration for Easter table outdoors – Photo: Pinterest

Decorated sweets

If you have lunch, you can’t miss dessert either!

And since the date asks, why not invest in playful formats such as carrots, eggs or bunnies? At Easter table set you can spread the chocolates around the table, leave them on top of the napkin or plate and you will have a beautiful paschal mood.

Decorated sweets for Easter table 15. Sweets decorated for Easter table – Photo: Pinterest

Traditional symbols

If you are a religious person, don’t forget the real value of the holiday. Remember to compose the table with an article to thank and refer to Christ’s resurrection. Branches of dry wheat, for example, represent the bread that Jesus offered at the last supper. Just like wine, which will go in the glasses.

Easter table decoration16. Decoration for Easter table – Photo: Pinterest

And you, what prepared for your Easter table set? Are you already thinking about using any of our tips? So tell us here in the comments!

These incredible tips from dEaster table decoration were created by the team at Montacasa.

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