Easy Origami: Tips and How-to's

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The easy origami very well known today is an ancient art from Japan, originated more than a thousand years ago at the Imperial Court. all over the world.

The Japanese word origami means “folding paper”, this art creates representations of different beings and even objects, through geometric folds made in the paper, without any cut or collage. There are levels of difficulty in this art, from an origami easy to make to the most complex with several folds.

Easy origami bird various colors1. There are several easy origami models to make – Photo: Green me

How to make origami easy out of paper

Each origami figure has a different meaning for the Japanese, for example the bird, known as tsuru, which symbolizes peace and good luck, the turtle, longevity and the frog which means happiness and love. In case you are wondering, is there an easy-to-make paper origami? The answer is yes.

There are several easy origami paper models that can be made by anyone, just be patient and creative. This folding technique is so delicate and beautiful that you can give it to someone special or even use it as a decorative item in your home. Now we are going to teach you how to make an easy origami bird, easy origami butterfly and easy origami flower, here’s our easy origami step by step.

Easy origami various shapes2. Animal-shaped models are the most traditional – Photo: Elo 7

Origami bird easy

An origami of paper easy to make are the ones in the form of animals, in addition to traditional ones, they are very dear to the world as well, such as amigurumi, one of the best known being the bird-shaped tsuru. With its meaning of peace and good luck, the tsuru is always one of the most reproduced origami models, and is also widely used as a symbol in Japanese festivals and festivals. So, how to make an easy origami bird? Easy origami step by step:

Easy colorful bird origami 3. The easy bird origami is one of the best known in the world – Photo: Muito Chic

  1. First step is to separate a sheet and cut it into a square shape of any size;
  2. Fold this sheet in half, forming a triangle;
  3. Fold in half again, thus forming another smaller triangle;
  4. Lift one corner, insert a finger into the opening and press to fold;
  5. Turn and repeat the previous step on this new side;
  6. The closed side should be upwards, keep folding one side towards the central line of the leaf;
  7. Repeat the same process with the other side;
  8. Repeat the previous step with the other side;
  9. After this step the fold should look like an “ice cream”, fold the top tip downwards;
  10. Unfold the sides and top tip;
  11. Lift the flap and fold the sides to the inside, using the fold marks to form a rhombus;
  12. Repeat the same process on the other side;
  13. Open the fold a little, bring the tip up and press the base, doing the same with the other end;
  14. Spread the center tips a little and press the base;
  15. Choose one end and make a small fold, this will be the beak;
  16. Pull the folds on the side, thus inflating your easy bird origami and voila!
Easy origami step by step tsuru4. Step by step on how to make easy bird origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami butterfly

An easy-to-make paper origami is in the shape of a butterfly, they bring transformation, union and new stages of life as meaning. Butterflies are beings that transmit delicacy and beauty wherever they go, so easy origami butterfly can be a great option for use in environments decorations or celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. The steps of easy origami butterfly step by step are:

Easy origami patterned butterflies5. Easy origami butterfly means transformation – Photo: Via Pinterest

  1. Have a square sheet of paper in hand;
  2. Fold in four equal parts;
  3. Then fold again, follow the middle mark to make diagonal creases;
  4. Pull the crease in the middle and create a triangle;
  5. Pull the tabs upwards;
  6. Turn and fold, pull the tip just beyond the fold and fold the same tip, thus securing it higher;
  7. Fold the tip;
  8. Fold in half vertically;
  9. Crease the folds of the butterfly well and your easy butterfly origami is ready!
Easy origami butterfly step by step6. Your step by step on how to make origami easy – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami easy flower

The origami flower models are diverse, some easier to make than others. If you are starting in this world of folding, the easy origami lotus flower is the best place to start. With the meaning of spiritual purity, an easy origami lotus flower is a great choice to have around or give to someone in a new phase of life. How to make easy lotus flower origami:

Easy origami white lotus flower7. The lotus flower can also be made using the origami technique – Photo: Via Pinterest

  1. The origami lotus flower is best done on a larger paper;
  2. In a square shape make the origami base easy, create lines by folding the paper in half, at both ends;
  3. Unfold, so the paper will be divided into four parts;
  4. Fold each end inwardly toward the center of the sheet, aligning the crease with previously made;
  5. Again, fold each end of the base towards the center;
  6. Repeat the process a third time;
  7. Only fold the ends on each side, this time without reaching the center of the sheet;
  8. Now, pull the first petals, hold the paper in position so that you can see the recent folds, with your fingers feel the bases and carefully pull one at a time;
  9. Repeat with each petal;
  10. Again repeat the previous step for all sections of petals
  11. After unfolding the petal sections your easy origami flower is ready!
Easy origami lotus flower step by step8. Step by step on how to make easy origami flower – Photo: Via Pinterest

The origami inspirations are diverse, seeking to learn how to make origami easy is a good way to use your creativity, in addition to learning a new form of crafts with a lot of history involved. This Japanese art teaches a lot about patience and the search for transformation, something that is always good to look for in any aspect of life, as well as being a different and creative way to innovate in the decoration of your home or give a gift to a loved one.

See +33 easy origami templates for you to get inspired and make yours!

Easy frog origami9. Origami frogs are easy to make and look beautiful – Photo: A thousand mother tips

Easy origami orange bird10. Origami birds known as tsuru are perfect for decoration too – Photo: Westwing

Easy origami blue bird11. Origami can be made in different colors and materials – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami bird easy 12. Different colors of bird origami – Photo: Very chic

Easy bird origami 13. Bird origami means good luck – Photo: Chanel Fake

Easy origami tulips

14. origami flowers like tulips are beautiful decoration – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami tsuru15. Red bird origami looks beautiful in the environment – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami Easy Being Green sapo 16. Origami frog is a super creative folding – Photo: Via Freepik

Easy frog origami17. They can be made of different colors without losing their beauty – Photo: Kawakami

Origami Christmas decoration easy in 18. Origamis are a super creative technique that can be used even in Christmas decoration – Photo: Casa Abril

Easy origami garlands19. Like in door wreaths using flowers – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami easy cat and dog20. Easy origami can be used to entertain children – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami flowers easy 21. Using the technique to make several origami flower models is a great option – Photo: Craft step by step

Easy origami flowers 22. Origami lotus flowers are beautiful in any color and material – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami lotus flower 23. As well as in different colors and sizes – Photo: Origami spirit

Easy origami white lotus flower24. White lotus flower in origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami decoration vases25. Decorative vases are also possible to be made in origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami wedding decor26. Buckland flowers in origami are also beautiful – Photo: Everything she

Easy origami colorful hearts

27. Colorful origami hearts – Photo: A thousand tips from mom

Origami easy heart

28. Easy origami red hearts – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami flamingo centerpiece

29. Animals like the flamingo can also be made into origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami heart box

30. Origami hearts there are different models – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami colorful dogs

31. Dogs in different colors on origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami patterned dogs

32. Using different sheets makes your origami more creative – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy origami colorful butterflies

33. Colorful easy origami butterflies – Photo: Freepik

Easy origami green and blue butterfly

34. Easy colored butterfly origami – Photo: Elo 7

Easy origami butterfly

35. Colorful butterflies on gift paper – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami simple butterfly

36. Butterflies of different colors in origami – Photo: Via Flickr

Easy origami red butterfly

37. largest origami butterflies – Photo: Art with origami

Easy origami yellow butterfly

38. Origami butterflies in different shades of yellow – Photo: Via Pinterest

Origami easy christmas tree

39. Christmas decoration with origami – Photo: Casa Vogue

Easy dinosaur origami

40. Colorful dinosaur origami – Photo: Via Pinterest

Easy colorful fish origami41. Colorful origami fish – Photo: Via Pinterest

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