Home Lighting: Exclusive Tips for You to Light Up Your Home

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The lighting of a residence is a determining factor in changing the perceptions and sensations of each room in the house. The rooms of a residence have different functions and needs, so a different type of lighting is needed for each one. There are several ways to light up the environments, using the most varied lighting products. To help you, we have prepared a post to show you how you can light up your home.

Brilia Home LightingBeautiful dining room with beautiful lighting design. Disclosure by Brilia

How to make lighting for bedroom

The lighting in the room should favor relaxation and warmth. Many people choose lighting with cold colored lamps, popularly known as white lamps, in order to illuminate more. However, this type of lighting is not ideal for the bedroom as it does not bring cosiness.

In contrast, the yellow lamps bring a welcoming feeling, as they are visually warmer. For this reason, prefer warm colored lamps to light up your room. For a double room you can choose

  • Central lighting that covers the room as a whole, using a built-in or overlapping led ceiling light;
  • Built-in plaster moldings with Led lighting
  • Led spots for accent lighting or reading for the headboard
  • Bedside lamps on either side of the bed
  • Led ribbon to highlight the headboard or some decorative item

Best Ways for Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is a work area, where we prepare our food with all hygiene and care, so the use of cold lamps is more suitable. To facilitate the use of the environment, it is ideal to install lighting with more intensity and place some other spotlights.

  • In the sink area, place accent lighting like a spot light or a led strip
  • Crown moldings are a good option for general lighting
  • The use of pendants is ideal for the countertop or dining table
red kitchen led lampsKitchen with warm colors well lit. Disclosure: Brilia

Ways to improve bathroom lighting

The bathroom requires white lighting, as it is an area that needs constant hygiene. You can use different lighting to intensify the lighting in the room. Some options are:

  • Use of embedded spots
  • Led strip around the mirror
  • Lighting tears in the ceiling and wall
bathroom home lightingBathroom with exquisite lighting. Disclosure: Brilia

Why use decorative lighting

The use of decorative lighting can greatly enhance the decor of an environment. Decorative lighting is to highlight an object, or texture of the environment. Some use it to illuminate paintings and art sculptures. It is perfect for use in the living room, entrance hall and corridors.

Home Lighting Spotlights Shine (1)

The accent lighting makes all the difference in the environment. Disclosure: Brilia

Forms of External Lighting

The external lighting project must be done together with the landscaping and the facade. External lighting should enhance and give security to the area. It is necessary to purchase quality and specific products for this environment, with protection from rain, temperature variation and dust.

In the external area you can use:

  • Beacons to illuminate the floor and facilitate movement at night
  • Spots, led projectors skewers to enhance the plants arranged in the landscaping
  • Built-in spots for pools
  • Wall and facade sconces
  • Motion sensor lighting

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