Mesversário Themes: +38 Themes and 62 Photos to Inspire You

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Being able to follow a child’s development is a very rewarding joy for the whole family and that is why the mesversary has become a trend, after all, every month is a new discovery, a new learning and a moment that deserves to be celebrated. And many parents like to vary in the topics of mesversário making that each new month the child wins a beautiful and unique party.

And thinking about you who are planning a mesversário party but are in doubt of which themes to use we separated here in this post 38 theme ideas for mesversário that you can be inspired and do there in your House

decorating with paper butterflies as mesversary themes Photo Pinterest1. Have you ever thought of using paper butterflies as themes for your wedding – Photo: Pinterest

1. Mesversário Themes: Unicorn Party

Unicorns are super hot and they are used a lot as female mesversary themes due to the rainbow colors in pastel tones that bring a super delicate air to the event. For those who choose unicorns as a girl mesversary theme, invest in various flower arrangements on the main table, in addition you can also use tulle in the decoration of this mesversary girl theme, bringing more lightness to the environment, and to ensure a sophisticated touch use small details in silver or gold in the environment.

unicorn party as a mesversary girl photo Baby E-Clothes2. The unicorn party is a great theme for a young girl – Photo: Baby E-Clothes

2. Mesversário themes: Dinosaur Party

While unicorns are widely used as themes for female mesversary, dinosaurs win the day when we talk about themes of male mesversary. As these animals from the Jurassic period are very scary, our tip for anyone thinking about using them as a boy mesversary theme is to invest in a more playful and delicate decoration using more cheerful and fun representations of the dinosaurs as in the photo below.

colorful decoration for dinosaur party as mesversary theme Foto Foto D'Athelier By Dani3. Colorful decoration for the themes of the dinosaur party – Photo: D’Athelier By Dani

3. Mesversário themes: The Little Prince

Another very used boy cross-dressing theme is The Little Prince, and for the decoration of this party you can invest in various elements present in the story that can be represented in the sweets and decorated cakes, in character dolls, flower arrangements, among others.

little prince boy party theme photo Pinterest4. The Little Prince is also widely used as a boy mesversary theme – Photo: Pinterest

4. Mesversário theme: Mickey and Minnie Party

THE Mickey party and Minnie can be used both as themes for female mesversary and as themes for male mesversary, after all, these characters are adored by everyone and guarantee an infinite number of possibilities for decoration.

Here the tip is to invest in the main colors of the character to compose the decoration like red, black and yellow, however you can also invest in simple mesversary themes of Mickey and Minnie baby, and in this case the very light tones like candy colors are the best choices for decorating.

mickey crossover themes Photo Pinterest5. Mickey and Minnie’s party offers several possibilities as mesversário themes – Photo: Pinterest

5. Conversation topics: Toy Story

Toys from the Toy Story movie are great as a simple meshing theme or even for a more elaborate meshing theme. Here the decoration tip is to use the child’s toys to decorate the main table of the party, and remember that fake cake and personalized sweets can also make all the difference in the final production.

Big Bears Toy Story Party Theme Ideas Photo6. Personalized candy for Toy Story mesmerizing themes – Photo: Big Bears

6. Mesversário themes: Pool Party

Is it summer and do you have a beautiful pool available at your house? So why not invest in the famous pool party as theme ideas for mesversário? Well, the pool party can also be used as a beautiful and super fun mesversário party.

For the decoration of these simple mesversário themes it is valid to use a lot of flower arrangements, surfboard, table fruit, beach hats, balloons and fun buoys in addition to other items that bring us to a beautiful summer day.

pool party themes Foto A Minha Festinha7. Pool party as mesversário themes – Photo: Minha Festinha

7. Mesversário themes: Festa Junina

Another simple mesversary themes that works for both a boy and girl mesversary is the June party. With a simple decoration investing in representations of bonfires, lines of clothes, straw hats and many mouth-watering sweets and snacks, the theme ideas for the mid-June party pleases everyone and guarantees a lively party.

festa junina as mesversário themes Foto A Revista da Mulher8. Festa junina as topics of simple mesversário – Photo: A Revista da Mulher

8. Mesversário themes: Galinha Pintadinha

THE Pintadinha Chicken party is one of the most used theme ideas for mesversário, because children simply love spending hours having fun with the songs and the beautiful drawings of Galinha Pintadinha.

For the party with this theme of mesversário boy and girl the tip is to invest in the colors of the design in all the decorated environment, being able to also use dolls of the characters in the main table of the cake and even representations in decorated sweets and cakes. Also, remember that when using these theme ideas for mesversário it is interesting to invest in details that reminds us of the farm in decoration such as plaid print, straw and lots of flowers and foliage.

themes of mesversário painted chicken Photo Pinterest9. Galinha Pintadinha is one of the most used theme ideas for mesversário – Foto: Pinterest

9. Mesversário themes: Circus Party

The party

circus as mesversário themes is interesting because it guarantees a cheerful and super colorful decoration that attracts the attention of children. Therefore, in the decoration with themes of circus crossover invest in colorful details such as balloon arrangements, clown dolls, a striped panel in the background imitating the circus tent among other particularities of the theme.

circus party as mesversary themes Foto My Party10. Circus party as theme ideas for mesversário – Foto: Minha Festinha

10. Mesversary theme: Astronaut

Many parents like the topic of mesversary boy astronaut, but we must agree that the topic of astronaut also works very well if we talk about the topic of mesversary girl, right?

For the family that opts for this mesversion theme, the tip is to invest in a more futuristic decoration using representations of spaceships, stars, planets and bright astronaut dolls. And with regard to the colors of the decoration, it is interesting to use a lot of silver in the entire environment, and you can also insert details in blue and even black so that you really feel like you are on an adventure through outer space.

astronaut party as mesversary themes Foto A Revista da Mulher11. Beautiful decoration of astronaut party as mesversário themes – Photo: Revista da Mulher

11. Mesversário themes: Festa Mermaid

Another one of the themes of female mesversário very used to mermaid party is to delight everyone. Full of details of the seabed such as seahorse, starfish, shells, fish, algae and of course the mermaids, this mesversário theme is magical and guarantees a beautiful environment when decorated in pastel colors using a lot of pink, lilac, water green and blue, and to make the environment a little more sophisticated it is even possible to add details in gold or even use cellophane to make the mermaids’ tail.

themes of female mermaid party mermaid Photo Ideas at Home12. Mermaid party as a girl mesversary theme – Photo: Ideias em Casa

12. Mesversário themes: Rain of Blessings Party

If you are looking for mesversário themes that guarantee a playful and super delicate decoration the party shower of blessings, also called the rain of love, may be the ideal theme.

Filled with representations of clouds and rainbows, the rain of blessings party can also be decorated using strokes and representations of raindrops and always using pastel colors for an even more magical and delicate environment.

shower of blessings as wedding themes Foto Casa e Festa13. Beautiful decoration for the rain shower of blessings as theme ideas for the mesversário – Foto: Casa e Festa

13. Mesversário themes: Super Mario

For daddy geeks who love to spend hours in front of the video game one of the super fun male and female mesmerizing themes is the Super Mario Party. The Nintendo character pleases generations around the world and the game is full of details and other characters that can be used in decoration such as pipes, the princess, Yoshi, Luigi among many others.

super Mario for mesversary themes Foto Que Mágico14. Video games can also become the subject of mesversário – Foto: Que Be Mágico

14. Mesversário themes: Festa da Magali

If your little baby is very hungry one of the themes of female mesversary that is all about is the party of Magali. One of the most beloved characters in Turma da Mônica, Magali loves to eat, especially watermelon, which is why the fruit should also be present in the decoration of this party, in addition you can also use the yellow color to complement the decoration, because it’s the color of Magali’s dress.

themes of mesversário festa da magali Photo Pinterest

15. Magali’s party as mesversary themes – Photo: Pinterest

15. Mesversário themes: Meu Primeiro Dentinho

Do you want theme ideas for mestersário more fun than my first tooth? Well, if your baby’s first tooth has started to be born, take the opportunity to celebrate this new phase and invest in this super fun mesversion theme.

mesversário themes my first tooth Foto Pinterest

16. Theme ideas for mesversário with party my first tooth – Photo: Pinterest

16. Mesversário themes: Harry Potter

For parents who are fans of the most famous witch in the world, the Harry Potter mesmerizing theme cannot be left out. Here red, yellow and black predominate the decoration, in addition, you can also use the dolls of the main characters to enhance the environment, in addition to investing in wands, cauldrons and books to make the environment complete.

Harry Potter as mesversary themes Photo Pinterest

17. Use the magical world of Harry Potter as theme ideas for mesversário – Foto: Pinterest

17. Mesversario themes: Minions

THE Minions Party it also works as male and female mesversário themes. These cute and super clumsy beings have won the hearts of everyone who loves the Despicable Me design and if you think about using this theme for the messenger remember to invest in shades of yellow, blue and black to decorate the environment.

Minions Party as Mesversary Themes Foto Constance Zahn

18. Minion parties are great as mesversary themes – Photo: Constance Zahn

18. Mesversário themes: Alice in Wonderland

Another one of the topics of mesversário girl that never goes out of fashion a Alice in Wonderland party offers a multitude of possibilities in decoration, but remember that some details cannot be left out like playing cards, the white rabbit, watches, books and of course our beautiful Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Party Mesversary Themes Photo Pinterest

19. Invest in Alice in Wonderland as mesversary themes – Photo: Pinterest

19. Mesversário themes: Halloween party

The month of October has arrived and you are preparing a mesversário party? So nothing better than investing in the themes of Halloween and make a celebration full of mischief, but not so scary, after all, nobody wants to scare children, right?

So for the Halloween mesversário our tip is to use friendly witches, cauldrons of sweets and bats on the wall and make a decoration with balloons that has everything to do with the theme as in the inspirational photo below.

halloween decoration as mesversary themes Photo Pinterest

20. The Halloween party also works as a mesmerizing theme – Photo: Pinterest

20. Mesversário themes: Emilia

One of the main characters of the Sítio do Pica-pau Amarelo, Emília is also a very popular girl’s theme. The rag doll must be present throughout the party, so invest in personalized and very colorful sweets and cakes, in addition, you can also use balloons and flags for your party, and if you want to make everything even more complete place the other characters of the Site in your party decoration.

rag doll for decoration themes of emversion emilia Foto Mariah Festas

21. The most famous rag doll, Emilia, is also great as a theme idea for the mesversario – Photo: Mariah Festas

21. Mesversário themes: Festa Abelhinha

The bee party is another fun and playful theme that serves as both a boy mesversary theme and a girl mesversary theme. The tip here is to make a whole decoration in black, white and yellow bringing flower arrangements for the decoration in addition to representations of the bees and also the honey produced by them.

flower arrangements for decoration of honey bee themes Foto Super Festa Infantil

22. The bumblebee party guarantees a playful decoration like mesversário themes – Photo: Super Festa Infantil

22. Mesversário themes: Leãozinho

The future king of the forest is also used a lot when it comes to topics of mesversário. In this decor shades of brown, orange, yellow and green predominate, in addition, it is interesting to use plush lion cubs to make the theme even more present in the environment.

lion party decoration for wedding themes Foto Iza Eventos

23. Beautiful decoration for a lion party as a wedding theme – Photo: Iza Eventos

23. Mesversario themes: Llama

Suddenly the llamas started to “invade” our imagination and appear in the House decoration, party and even in fashion. If you choose to celebrate another month of your baby’s life using the llama it is interesting to create a very colorful decoration, in addition, cacti cannot be left out of this mesversary theme.

colorful decoration for llama party with simple wedding themes Foto Iza Eventos

24. Invest in llamas as simple mesversion themes – Photo: Iza Eventos

24. Mesversário themes: Turma do Chaves

The Chaves group is part of childhood and even the adult life of many people, so why not use it as one of the theme ideas for the mesversário, right? Here the decoration must be elaborated thinking about the scenery of the village where Chaves lives, in addition, so that the party becomes even more lively and fun, parents and children can go dressed up as characters such as Chiquinha, Kiko, Professor Girafales, Seu Madruga and of course the protagonist Chaves.

key themes for kids Foto Super Festa Infantil

25. Theme ideas for mesversário with Chaves party – Photo: Super Festa Infantil

25. Mesversário themes: Elefantinho

Another little animal that is also widely used as theme ideas for mesversário is the little elephant that guarantees a delicate and playful decoration to the environment. In this case, gray and baby blue are commonly used in decoration when it is a boy mesversary theme, and baby pink combined with gray when we talk about girl mesversary theme, however, there is also the possibility of using shades of yellow and green if parents want a more neutral and differentiated decoration.

little elephant for wedding themes Foto Sou Mãe

26. Yellow and gray decoration as themes of elephant elephant – Photo: Sou Mãe

26. Mesversário themes: Sailor

One of the mesversário themes that most guarantee a beautiful decoration is the sailor theme. In this theme it is interesting to use anchors, buoys, boats and the sailors’ uniform to compose the decoration, in addition the environment should be all personalized in blue, white and red so that the sailor theme is even more present.

sailor themes Photo Super Festa Infantil

27. Teddy bear sailor party idea as wedding themes – Photo: Super Festa Infantil

27. Mesversario themes: Superheroes

For dads who love comics and superhero movies, these mesversary theme ideas couldn’t be left out, right? Here you can have a party using various superheroes in the decoration like the Avengers party, for example, or if you prefer you can use mesversário themes with the separated characters as a party of Spiderman, party of Batman, of the Hulk, Wonder Woman and so on.

superhero party themes Foto Revista VD

28. Superheroes can also inspire mesversary themes – Photo: Revista VD

28. Mesversário themes: Tropical Party

Full of colors and with a very cheerful decoration tropical party it is widely used as theme ideas for mesversário in the summer months. In this party you can invest in many colorful details like balloons and flowers arrangements, in addition to using plenty of greenery in foliage to bring this tropical climate to the party, and don’t forget to make a beautiful fruit table for the guests.

fruits for tropical party themes Photo Bird's Party

29. Fruits cannot be left out of the tropical party as theme ideas for the mesversário – Photo: Bird’s Party

29. Mesversário themes: Frozen party

Another drawing that children love and that is why it is a great idea for mesversário themes is the Frozen party. With a lot of blue, white and silver in the decoration, this party should take us to the freezing adventure of the film and have details that remind us of winter, such as the snowman Olaf, for example.

frozen party themes Photo Pinterest

30. Frozen party decoration as a wedding theme – Photo: Pinterest

30. Mesversário themes: Picnic

Being able to have a mesversário party outdoors is a delight, isn’t it? And why not take advantage of this privilege and use the picnic as simple mesversário themes. The proposal of this party is a relaxed and cheerful environment, and you can decorate it with tablecloths and cushions on the floor so that the guests can comfortably accommodate themselves, in addition, as the party is outdoors invest in light snacks like mini sandwiches, popcorn, cookies, in addition to serving plenty of juice, coconut water and iced tea for guests.

photo picnic picnic themes

31. The picnic is one of the joyful and super fun conversation topics – Photo: Shop Festa

31. Mesversário themes: Safari Party

Kids love to watch animals like lions, giraffes, monkeys and elephants so why not invest in the safari party as theme ideas for the mesversário? As the safari party is inspired by the animals of the African savannah, nothing better than using representations of them in the decoration, such as plush giraffes, hippos, lions, zebras and other animals, in addition, bring other elements of nature to the environment by investing in a lot of foliage arrangements. .

safari party decoration as mesversary themes Photo Pinterest

32. The safari party guarantees beautiful decorations as the themes of mesversário – Foto: Pinterest

32. Mesversário themes: Festa Bailarina

Another one of the women’s mesversary themes with a charming decoration a ballerina party it is ideal for parents who want to create a super delicate and feminine atmosphere for the party.

In addition to shades of pink, lilac and coral, the ballerina party should also include ballerina shoes in the decoration, and also use other details such as tulle or even a curtain of lights to make the environment even more beautiful and delicate.

simple ballerina party decoration as a mesversion theme Foto Ideias em Casa

33. The ballerina party is a very popular girl’s theme – Photo: Ideias em Casa

33. Mesversario themes: Princesses

If you are looking for female mesversary themes, the princess party can be very interesting. For the princess party you can invest in a more fun decoration using several famous princesses for the theme or even choose the mother’s favorite princess for the party like a Beauty and the Beast party, Little Mermaid party, Cinderella party among many others .

princesses party as a mesversary girl theme Photo My Party

34. Princess party as a girl mesversary theme – Photo: Minha Minha Party

34. Mesversário themes: Kites and pinwheels

The kite and weathervane party is not so popular, however when used as simple mesversary themes it guarantees a delicate and beautiful decoration for the event. The decoration of the kites and pinwheel party is very simple and should be done with several kites and pinwheels made with colored papers.

cake decorated for kite and pinwheel mesversary themes Foto Pinterest

35. Beautiful cake for kites and weathervanes as mesversário themes – Photo: Pinterest

35. Mesversário themes: Natal

To celebrate the month of December in December, nothing better than investing in the main celebration of that month, right? For the Christmas mesversário party you will only need to invest in the main decorative elements of this month such as Christmas balls, Santa Claus, decorated pine trees, blinking blinking and of course in a beautiful and tasty Christmas cake.

christmas decoration as a wedding theme Foto Céu de Borboleta

36. Christmas is also a good idea for wedding themes – Photo: Céu de Borboleta

36. Mesversário themes: New Year

Just like Christmas New Year it can also be transformed into simple mesversion themes, and here the decoration should be made using as white as a base and complement the ambience with silver or gold details to bring that New Year atmosphere to the event.

new year decoration as a mesversary theme Photo Enter the Party

37. The plate and the gilt should be used in the New Year’s decoration as mesversary themes – Photo: Enter the Party

37. Mesversário themes: Rubber Duck

Do you know that little rubber duck that children love to play in the bath? Well, they can also be used as wedding themes and create a beautiful and fun decoration for your party. And the cool thing is that these ideas of theme for the mesversário are very easy to use, just invest in the colors white, blue and yellow for the environment and use the duckling throughout the space together with balloons that can represent soap bubbles.

themes of mesversary rubber duck Photo Making Our Party

38. Decorating ideas for rubber duck parties as mesversário themes – Photo: Fazer a Nossa Festa

38. Simple month themes

The simple mesversário themes are actually for those that the parents decided to make a last minute celebration and because of that it will not be possible to invest in a themed decoration.

In the decoration of the simple mesversário it is interesting to use a lot of colorful details such as paper collages and balloon arrangement to fill the atmosphere, in addition, flower pots and plants are also super welcome to ensure a light and fresh touch for the party.

simple mesversary themes Photo Pinterest

39. Decoration for simple wedding themes – Photo: Pinterest

Check out our gallery with more ideas for meshing topics

cake decorated for simple wedding themes Foto Oh Happy Day!

40. For simple mesversário themes invest in a very colorful and neutral decoration – Photo: Oh Happy Day!

girl theme decoration Photo My Party

41. Cacti and llamas are widely used as simple wedding themes and guarantee a super personalized decoration – Photo: Minha Minha Festinha

decoration of honey bee themes Foto Sou Mãe

42. The honey bee themes are beautiful and leave the environment with a playful touch – Photo: Sou Mãe

delicate and playful decoration for simple meshing topics Photo Pinterest

43. Colorful decoration ideas for simple wedding themes – Photo: Pinterest

simple decoration for safari party as mesversário themes Foto Blog Caderninho da Mamãe

44. Simple decoration for safari party as mesversário themes – Photo: Blog Caderninho da Mamãe

simple decoration for mickey as a theme for a photo Foto Minha Festinha

45. Simple decoration for Mickey’s party as theme ideas for mesversário – Photo: Minha Minha Party

simple decoration for themes by astronaut Foto Catch My Party

46. ​​Invest in the astronaut party as a boy mesversary theme – Photo: Catch My Party

sweets decorated for a sailor boy theme photo Foto Pinterest

47. Sweets decorated for the theme of a young sailor boy – Photo: Pinterest

personalized sweets for a mesmerizing girl ballerina theme Foto Super Festa Infantil

48. Personalized sweets for the theme of a girl’s ballerina party – Photo: Super Festa Infantil

emilia as mesversário themes Photo Pinterest

49. Emília as a mesversary girl theme – Photo: Pinterest

popeye party and olivia toothpick as mesversary themes Foto Ideias de Casa

50. Festa Popeye and Olivia Palita as mesversário themes – Photo: Ideias de Casa

decorating ideas for minions party as mesversary themes Foto Constance Zahn

51. No matter the subjects of the mesversário the decoration must be beautiful and personalized – Photo: Constance Zahn

beautiful decoration for simple meshing topics with colorful details Foto Catch My Party

52. Beautiful decoration for simple wedding themes with colorful minimalist details – Photo: Catch My Party

beautiful personalized cake for a sailor boy theme Photo My Party

53. Beautiful personalized cake for the theme of a mesmerizing sailor – Photo: Minha Minha Festinha

llama party themes with colorful decor Photo Pinterest

54. If you choose llamas as a mesmerizing theme, invest in colorful details – Photo: Pinterest

rain shower love themes Foto Minha Minha Festa

55. Temas de mesversário chuva de amor – Foto: A Minha Festinha

temas de mesversário colorido com lhamas Foto A Minha Festinha

56. Temas de mesversário com decoração bem colorida – Foto: A Minha Festinha

temas de mesversário com festa das lhamas Foto Diário de Mamães

57. Temas de mesversário com festa das lhamas e cactos – Foto: Diário de Mamães

temas de mesversário festa abelhinhas Foto Pinterest

58. Linda decoração para festa abelhinhas como temas de mesversário – Foto: Pinterest

temas de mesversário festa dinossauros Foto Ideias em Casa

59. Temas de mesversário festa dinossauros – Foto: Ideias em Casa

temas de mesversário mulher maravilha Foto Revista VD

60. Festa da Mulher Maravilha como temas de mesversário – Foto: Revista VD

temas de mesversário simples decorado com borboletas de papel Foto Blog Caderninho da Mamãe

61. Decoração delicada com borboletas de papel coloridas para temas de mesversário simples – Foto: Blog Caderninho da Mamãe

temas de mesversário unicórnio Foto Fazendo a Nossa Festa

62. O unicórnio é muito usado como tema de mesversário menina – Foto: Fazendo a Nossa Festa

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