Mirrored Bedside Table: Decorate Your Room with Style and Sophistication

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The mirrored nightstand is modern, sophisticated and democratic, since its structure matches practically all styles of decoration. This piece of furniture looks great in the large bedroom, but is perfect for small rooms. That’s because, its finish made with mirrors brings the feeling of spaciousness to the room.

O criado mudo espelhado combina praticamente com todos os estilos de decoração1. The mirrored nightstand matches practically all styles of decoration.

Why invest in a mirrored nightstand?

    • Versatile: connects with different decoration styles;
      Multifunctional: it serves as a support for objects such as vases, picture frames and lampshades, as well as assisting in the organization of the environment, considering small mirrored nightstand models up to mirrored nightstand versions 3 drawers or more;
      Ideal solution for small environments: its presence brings the feeling of spaciousness in space;
      It improves the lighting of the room: the mirrors of its finish promote the diffusion of natural light that enters through the window, making the room lighter.
O criado mudo espelhado é a solução ideal para ambientes pequenos2. Mirrored furniture is the ideal solution for small environments. Source: Liliana Zenaro

How to use the mirrored nightstand in the room decoration?

As it is a mirror-coated piece of furniture, it alone tends to escape the obvious and traditional, so it is important to be aware of excesses. In the decoration, if you chose to buy a mirrored nightstand, avoid investing in other furniture with this same type of finish.

For those looking for a creative solution, the suspended mirrored nightstand becomes an excellent option, since its structure, being fixed on the wall, does not require the use of support feet, allowing other furniture or objects to fill the empty space under the piece.

However, in a more modern and sophisticated environment, the use of the black mirrored nightstand, as well as the bronze mirrored nightstand, will certainly be very successful in space.

O móvel espelhado com gavetas auxilia na organização do quarto de casal. Fonte Brunete Fraccaroli3. The mirrored furniture with drawers helps to organize the double room.

Now that you know the advantages of investing in mirrored furniture, come and fall in love with the various mirrored nightstand models by Viva Decora!

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