Pending: 33 Tips for Getting the Decor Right

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In the past, chandeliers and pendants were used only on dining tables. Today, creativity expands and the pendant is spreading throughout all rooms of the house. They are more and more in decoration and the trend of some years and has been gaining more space and creativity with the use of different types of differentiated lamps, such as filament lamps that have become the object of desire in homes and commercial environments such as restaurants and bars.

Large gold kitchen pendant1. Pendant lamps can be used on the surface of the dining table.

In my projects, I have already suggested to clients the use of pendants in a double room using symmetrically or asymmetrically above the bedside tables, for example, a pendant on one side and a fixed reading lamp on the other side. It is a good suggestion for those who want something different and cozy, as it makes the room more cozy.

Tips for successful lighting

I always tell my clients that making a lighting project is very important and it is essential to have a very cozy decoration. When the right foot of the environment allows, it is possible to make a recess in plaster lining and embed the light spot according to the furniture layout already defined and the pendant comes into the scene as a prominent item, which is even more valued in a well-lit scene or context. The plaster ceiling must be a maximum of 15 cm, as it is enough to embed the spots and pass the conduits with the distribution of the wiring.

Pending nightstand double bedroom2. The pendants also look great in the double room. In this idea, they are used to replace the lamp.

The important thing is to predict the point of the centralized pendant with the furniture or element you want to highlight. Therefore, the importance of a project so that the electrician can execute the electrical point exactly. This is a very common mistake and the final look does not favor the environment.

The height of the pendant is another point that people often miss: in the case of a dining room table, the pendant is ideal to be 60 to 70 cm from the table, but this is not a rule. It may vary according to the pendant model. A good tip is to follow the installation and visualize and adjust the wire up or down and try to visualize the pendant close to the height of your eyes. In this case it is not comfortable to have a very strong lamp on the pendant, as it is uncomfortable at mealtimes, since the person will be sitting and with the lighting directed downwards.

Boy's bedroom red pendant3. In the single room the pendant is also a good idea and can be used in different formats.

The size of the pendant in any environment or situation is also very important and should be carefully assessed and chosen. For a gourmet balcony, for example, I have already suggested smaller pendants, but in various quantities, forming a horizontal line. If you have space for an island in the environment, the chandeliers for the dining room are very charming and inviting to receive friends or family at home. Already a very large pendant in such a situation would be uncomfortable, after all, those who pass by are at risk of hitting their heads.

Triple gourmet balcony pendant4. The pendants must have their height adjusted to avoid accidents.

Square dining room pendant5. In the dining room, the pendant comes in a shorter and wider version, to illuminate the entire table.

Finally, the pendants can be used in a cheerful and relaxed way. Don’t be afraid to dare and get out of the conventional!

More pictures to fill your eyes

Pendant dining room with lights

6. A cleaner dining room, with minimalist pendant

Gray living room pendant

7. The pendant can come in an asymmetrical arrangement, which gives the final touch to the living room.

Wooden living room pendant

8. Detail of irregular pendants on a mirrored background.

Girl bedroom headboard pendant

9. The pendant gives more delicacy to the girl’s room

mauren buest cone type kitchen counter 145688

10. The pendants can come in several formats, like these in a cone. Design by Mauren Buest

pendant triple kitchenette dining room would 41980

11. The different pendants add grace and attitude to the dining room. Project by Quitete Faria

pendant living room corner of the buffet thais rodrigues ibiapina 44643

12. The chandelier illuminates the corner of the room, giving a different touch to the environment. Project by Thais Rodrigues Ibiapina.

rectangular pendant dining table with mirror marilia veiga 87875

13. The rectangular pendant matches the angles of the table and chairs. Project by Marilia Veiga.

square pendant dining room joao vitor ricciardi 57287

14. The crystal pendant brings lightness to the dining area. Design by João Vitor Ricciardi.

pendant small white bedroom guardini stancati 65147

15. The chandelier appears in this double room as a light source for the nightstand. Design by Guardini Stancati.

idalia daudt 102184 small counter pendant

16. The narrow counter gained pendants of the same size, guaranteeing the proportion of the environment. Design by Idalia Daudt

neutral pendant dining room tresarq 145392

17. The dome-shaped chandelier appears in neutral tones, to accompany the colors of the dining room.

pendant in the games room space do traco 105600

18. The game room comes with two types of pendant, which appear in different environments. Project by Espaço do Traço.

Pendant in the living room corner table augusto alvarenga 15290

19. This type of chandelier increases the corner of the sofa, making it a decorative element. Project by Augusto Alvarenga.

slate wall dining table three architecture 145495

20. A compact dining room can also earn a proportional pendant. Project by Tres Arquitetura.

irregular dining room pendant with yellow oscar mikail 74986

21. The lamp was installed in an unusual way and is decorated with table decorations. Design by Oscar Mikail.

pendant large dining room juliana pippi 69893

22. The hollow pendant draws attention to the details. Design by Juliana Pippi.

geometric pendant dining table patricia kolanian 579

23. The geometric texture lamp catches the eye and adds personality to the dining table. Design by Patricia Kolanian.

pending off center dining room kitchenette would make 41880

24. The pendant appears off center in this dining room. To match, the table ornament was placed in symmetry. Project by Quitete Faria.

double pendant dining room innovates architecture 96614

25. The pair of pendants accompanies the extension of the table, leaving the dining room harmonious. Project by Inova Arquitetura.

uneven pendant casacor kitchen countertop 2016 105200

26. The kitchen counter has different pendants and a cooler look. Project by Casacor 2016

crystal pendant camila fleck double bedroom 30391

27. The crystal pendant also looks good in the double room, matching the mirrored elements. Design by Camila Fleck.

industrial kitchen countertop evviva bertolini 67728

28. The kitchen, with elements that refer to the industrial, received lamps according to the theme. Design by Evviva Bertolini.

pendant covers double room three architecture 144701

29. Uncombined dumb servants are on the rise. In this room, the pendant is the element that brings creativity. Project by Tres Arquitetura.

pendant covers gourmet space amc architecture 90778

30. The metallic pendant is modern and makes the gourmet space more interesting. Project by AMC Arquitetura

hyperbate architecture kitchen pendant 42763

31. The counter gained enhanced lighting, with lamps close to each other. Project by hiberbato Arquitetura.

blue pendant dining room space au 41793

32. Blue pendants make the atmosphere more mysterious and personalized. Project by Espaço AU.

yellow pendant neutral double room patricia kolanian

33. Another example of an unmatched nightstand, yellow gives life to the double bedroom.

Patricia Kolanian Pasquini has a degree in Marketing and studied Interior Design at EPA, having taken several extension courses in Brazil and abroad. He has worked as an Interior Designer for over 15 years. Firstly in decoration offices, including the K Gallery office – Philadelphia, USA, and from 2004 onwards in his own company. He has in his curriculum several exhibitions of decoration and residential and commercial works, many of them published in renowned magazines and websites.

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