Pink Kitchen: +10 Models to Inspire Your Decoration

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Having a pink kitchen is the dream of many people, after all, the color is super delicate and is associated with femininity and romanticism, which guarantees a charming and cozy decoration. And the cool thing is that the pink kitchen can be decorated in various styles and with different finishes that can make it more modern, classic or rustic.

And for you to think about having a pink kitchen at home but do not know how to decorate this environment, we made this post with several tips and many inspiring photos. Check out!

decoração moderna com armário de cozinha rosa com puxadores dourados Foto ViralDeco

1. Modern decoration for pink kitchen with marble table and golden handles – Photo: ViralDeco

Pink shades for kitchen

To decorate a pink kitchen the first thing that should be done is to define the shade of pink and also if other colors of paints or coatings will be used to complement the style of the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that there are several shades of pink, and each one must be used in a different way in the decoration of the kitchen so as not to leave the environment overloaded or even dull.

Therefore, below check out the main shades of pink that you can choose to decorate your pink kitchen.

Pastel pink

For those who really want to invest in a pink kitchen, but are afraid of getting tired of the decor quickly or even leaving the environment overloaded, the best shade of pink is pastel.

Super delicate, dull and very clear, the pastel pink kitchen is super clean and has the great advantage of being easily harmonized with several other kitchen colors, ensuring more possibilities of styles for decorating this environment. In fact, it is a great option for those who like island cuisine, more sophisticated.

Hot Pink

Hot pink is that striking shade of pink, so care is needed to use it in kitchen decor. A tip for those who want a hot pink kitchen is to always use another neutral color like white or gray to decorate the room and make it more balanced.

Barker-Miller Pink

Barker-Miller Pink is an alternative for those who want a stronger and darker pink, but not as flashy as hot pink. It is also very common to invest in a kitchen with pink kitchen utensils in this shade, as they attract attention, but without exaggeration.

Rose Quartz

Quartz pink has a color very close to pastel pink, so it’s also very easy to use in kitchen decor.

It is quite common to invest in a pink quartz kitchen and take the opportunity to complement the environment with metallic elements in copper or rose gold, it is super charming and modern.

cozinha cor de rosa e branca planejada Foto Pinterest

2. Know how to choose the right shade for your pink kitchen

Pink kitchen decor

As you can see, there are several shades that you can choose to compose your pink kitchen decor, but to choose the right shade you need to pay attention to the style of decoration you are looking for and also to the size of the environment, because colors stronger like hot pink can make the compact environment feel even smaller.

To decorate a modulated or planned pink kitchen you need to choose the coverings and cabinets first. For a pink kitchen with a retro style, give preference to the pink kitchen cabinet with a design that reminds us of the past with more rounded lines and delicate details.

The pink kitchen cabinets in the photo below, for example, have a design with details that reminds us of this style of older furniture, which makes the decoration of the environment very charming.

decoração estilo vintage para armário de cozinha rosa Foto Studio DIY

3. Vintage style decor with pink kitchen cabinet with golden handles

If you prefer a more modern pink kitchen, it is essential to choose a pink kitchen cabinet with a cleaner design, with straight lines, simple and without many details. Another tip is to invest in a modern decoration for a rose gold kitchen that is super hot.

The finish will also make a big difference to the contemporary style of your pink kitchen. You can choose to mix some styles, using a tile with an older design or invest in more modern and clean coverings, as in the pink kitchen in the photo below.

armário de cozinha rosa com puxadores dourados Foto AuthGram

4. Modern decoration for pink kitchen with golden handles in the cabinet and sophisticated finish

Small pink kitchen decor

Many people find it difficult to decorate small environments, but using the right techniques it is possible to decorate these environments without difficulty and make them even visually larger.

Therefore, when decorating the small pink kitchen, the first tip is to opt for the lighter pink tones, such as pastel pink, especially if you are going to use a pink kitchen cabinet, as the cabinets are responsible for most of the decoration in this environment, in addition to the pink in the lightest shade also give preference to using other light colors in the environment like white, gray and beige.

However, if you make a point of using pink pink it is important to have a good planning for the compact kitchen, using light colors like white in most of the environment and making the pink darker in details as in pink kitchen utensils or on the countertop as in the photo below, in addition also invest in a good lighting project.

decoração para cozinha rosa pequena Foto Archidea

5. It is possible to use hot pink in the decoration of your small pink kitchen

Kitchen decor rose gold

Rose gold is a color that is super hot. Perfect for modern environments and to add a feminine touch, the rose gold kitchen is charming, beautiful and very contemporary, especially when the color is used in pink kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses, pots, dishes and trays.

To compose the decoration of the rose gold kitchen, prefer to invest in details and finishes with a modern style and complete the decoration of the environment with elements in neutral colors such as white and gray.

In the photo below, the rose gold kitchen took on this color in the details of the modern fixtures, while the rest of the room was decorated with light wood and beige details that guaranteed a very cozy touch to the space, and to complement, the stools for the kitchen were used. with pink seat, super charming.

decoração moderna para cozinha rose gold e bege Foto Ensidecor6. Modern decor for kitchen rose gold and beige

Pink kitchen with black

The pink and black kitchen is also a very bold combination, but if you know how to use it, it guarantees a modern and full of personality.

In the pink to black kitchen, care must be taken in choosing the shade of pink, especially for a compact environment. However, if the environment is very wide or even integrated, it is possible to play with both tones with greater freedom.

For you who are afraid of making mistakes and leaving your kitchen decor pink with black overloaded the most interesting thing is to use some white details to make the environment more smooth and balanced.

pendente moderno para cozinha rosa e preta Foto Pinterest7. The pink and black kitchen is super modern and personalized

Check out our gallery with more pink kitchen inspirations

armário de cozinha cozinha rosa e cinza planejada Foto Organize sem Frescuras8. Modern decor with custom cabinetry and light rail for the planned pink and gray kitchen

armário de cozinha rosa Foto Ideias Decor9. Pink kitchen cabinet decorated with black countertop

armário de cozinha rosa com detalhes em madeira Foto Assetproject10. The wooden details in the pink kitchen cabinet ensure a cozy touch in the kitchen decor

armário de cozinha rosa com puxadores coloridos Foto Pinterest

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