Sofá 2 Lugares: O que Considerar Para Comprar o Sofá Ideal

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The 2 seater sofa has the ideal size for small rooms. Like the larger models, it has a variety of colors and fabrics that can suit your home decor, making the environment much more cozy and personalized.

But do you know what are the factors to consider when buying a 2 seater sofa? Check out our tips and find the perfect 2-seater sofa for your living room!

Sala pequena com sofá 2 lugares1. Small room with 2-seater sofa

What should I consider when buying a 2 seater sofa?

The first topic to consider when buying a 2 seater sofa is the size of your living room. Will the 2 seater sofa really be suitable for the environment? Measure the room carefully to find out where the sofas look best.

In addition, you can find some models of 2 seater retractable sofa that are great for watching tv and relaxing, but if you have a very tight environment, it may not be appropriate to invest in this model.

Avoid buying a small 2-seater sofa for a very large living room, it will be very “lost” in the environment. The ideal is always to buy proportional models. So pay attention to that!

Sofá 2 lugares retrátil na cor bege com almofadas coloridas

2. Beige 2 seater retractable sofa with colored cushions – Via: Serra Vaz Arquitetura

After choosing the 2-seater sofa with the most suitable measures for your room, add accessories for your decoration to be even more beautiful, such as pillows, side table, rugs and even window curtains. Follow the same color palette and your decor will look beautiful!

What is the best fabric for 2 seater sofa?

The choice of the best fabric for a 2 seater sofa depends on its decoration. Of course, some fabrics are more practical to clean and care for, like the 2 seater leather sofa, but in relation to others, the price of it can be much higher.

You can buy a cheap 2-seat suede sofa, for example, which makes the environment much more cozy.

If you have children at home, buy models with darker colors and practical fabrics. Avoid linen and jacquard, which are very fine and delicate fabrics. You can find this information in the product description.

Sala com sofá 2 lugares na cor bege3. Living room with 2-seater sofa in beige

Complement the environment with armchairs and puffs

Need more space to sit in the living room? So don’t forget to add armchairs to match the 2-seater sofa in the living room or, if your room is very small, a set of practical puffs to sit on. Some models may be below the TV panel or next to your sofa. They are very functional!

 Sofá 2 lugares bege na sala de estar neutra4. Beige 2 seater sofa in the neutral living room

Did you like the tips? Now that you know what to consider when buying a 2-seater sofa, come see Viva Decora models and find the best for your home!

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