Table Lamp: See How to Use it in Decoration and +50 Models

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Anyone who has a home office at home knows that functionality, comfort and organization must go hand in hand. In addition to a well-assembled workstation and armchairs or a comfortable chair, a table lamp also has its importance proven by specialists.

5151-home-office- Table lamp sesso-dalanezi-viva-decora1. Table lamp made of wood with articulated body and colored glass gives a charm to the lighting.

The ideal is that the work table is next to a window, so that natural light is used during the day and also has an office chair that is very comfortable. If this is not possible, or even for use at night, placing a well planned lamp will make all the difference.

Articulated white table lamp2. Table lamp made in white articulated iron

A versatile luminaire will achieve proportional direct light and assist your activities, be careful and avoid reflections, glares and areas of high contrast between shadow and light, this can increase tiredness and decrease your performance, even in activities that do not require concentration .

67105-home-office-Table lamp-buji-decoracao-reuse-viva-decora3. Orange table lamp made of iron and articulated is the differential in the decoration

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In addition to the luminaire, you must also take care of the choice of lamps, and the position of the light closing. All of these choices will serve to improve the work of whoever is on the bench or office, with adequate lighting, but without interfering with the reflection of the computer screen and shadows disturbing the reading, for example.

Small purple table lamp4. Bob lamp, created by Baba Vacaro, is a design item that draws attention

Articulated models are cool and quite indicated by decoration professionals, the idea is that you can move the luminaire according to the activity you are doing, this is also an advantage for home offices that are shared by more than one person.

In addition to the home office, the lamps can be used on the side tables as support for those who like to read a little on the sofa. In this case it may be more interesting to use a diffused model, so that the light is not so harsh and disturbs those who are using it. At the computer workstation, the luminaire should ideally be located behind or beside the monitor and keyboard screen.

Golden table lamp5. Copper and articulated table lamp is very beautiful in the environment

The lamps, preferably, should be of cold temperature, even for your financial savings, since LED and fluorescent models do not emit heat. If you want to create a more cozy environment and not distort the colors of objects, you can bet on warm or warm white lamps. In addition to functionality, do not forget to take into account the style of your environment, a more modern decorated room or home office can welcome models of bright colored lamps and different design.

2478-home-office- Table lamp paulo-teixeira-viva-decora6. Discreet desk lamp in the home office is a helper when working at home

2950-home-office- Filipe-ramos-viva-decora table lamp7. Green table lamp that allows you to adjust the height that best suits your current needs

5138-home-office- Table lamp sesso-dalanezi-viva-decora8. Modern table lamp with hinged wooden base is very modern and beautiful

7158-bedroom-table lamp architecting-ideas-live-decor9. The table lamp can serve as a lamp in the bedroom or even on a side table

7557-bedroom-table lamp guglielmi-salum-viva-decora10. Articulated silver chrome table lamp is beautiful and refined

8223-home-office-Table lamp roberto-robl-viva-decora11. Black table lamp is discreet and sophisticated, blends very well with the rest of the room.

8309-home-office-Table lamp-caroline-gabriades-viva-decora12. Very discreet and minimalist table lamp

8523-bedroom-Table lamp-duda-senna-viva-decora

13. Yellow table lamp blends perfectly with the niches of the room, making the environment more youthful.

9060-home-office-Table lamp-matteo-gavazzi-viva-decora

14. An antique table lamp can bring a more vintage style to the environment

13847-bedroom-table lamp-juliana-comfort-living-decor

15. A white table lamp matches most styles of an environment

18444-Table lamp-decor-in-viva-decora

16. Pink domed table lamp with plush lining is suitable for teenagers or relaxed style.

21173-Table lamp-house-open-living-decoration

17. The red table lamp matches the other items of heart and use of the environment

21935-Table lamp-house-open-living-decoration

18. Spilling paint can table lamp is very creative and fun

23347 Table lamp bruna-dias-germano-viva-decora

19. Lotus flower style table lamp being used on the nightstand

23773-Table lamp-mauricio-karam-viva-decora

20. Table lamp made of wood and common design that allows you to change your posture.

23902-Table lamp-clarice-semerene-viva-decora

21. Yellow table lamp with a different design is very charming

24776-Table lamp -nara-wedge-live-decora

22. In an environment with other items with colorful design it is interesting to use a more neutral table lamp

24777-Table lamp-nara-cunha-viva-decora

23. Even with a neutral color, the table lamp has a different design

28435-Table lamp-nadine-guerra-viva-decora

24. The white iron table lamp accompanies the sophisticated environment line

28436- Table lamp- nadine-guerra-viva-decora

25. The table lamp must be harmonious with the environment, if the environment is lighter, it must be delicate as well.

45780-home-office-table lamp thomas-barros-viva-decora

26. A chrome table lamp looks great in any room in the house

51031-home-office-Table lamp ines-sizinando-viva-decora

27. The table lamp can serve to highlight other objects, such as pictures and statues

63175-home-office-Table lamp-cristina-bozian-viva-decora

28. Table lamp made of articulated wood is a trend in recent times

64185-home-office-Table lamp-rico-mendonca-viva-decora

29. Discreet table lamp is a detail that complements the decor of the room

66796-home-office-Table lamp-rodrigo-fonseca-viva-decora

30. The table lamp with apparent wire is in high decor

67098-home-office-Table lamp-buji-decoracao-reuse-viva-decora

31. Orange table lamp is a charm, in addition to being attached to the table

70082-home-office-Table lamp-gislene-lopes-viva-decora

32. In a more serious environment it is ideal to use a cleaner table lamp

70248-Table lamp-juliana-pippi-viva-decora

33. Innovative design table lamp blends perfectly with the rest of the room

71179-home-office-Table lamp-juliana-pippi-viva-decora

34. Orange LED table lamp is a detail that makes a difference in the decoration.

table lamp - abstract frame and table lamp

35. The table lamp can be used in many ways. Shed Design Project

table lamp - double bedroom with lamp on the side table

36. The large folding table lamp is great for bedside tables. Project by Marília Veiga

table lamp - home office in light tones with table lamp

37. The white table lamp is interesting for delicate decorations. Casacor Project SP 2017

table lamp - wooden furniture and table lamp

38. The table lamp looks beautiful on a wooden surface. Ana Yoshida’s project

table lamp - decorative frame and table lamp

39. The table lamp is functional, but at the same time a decorative item. Sandro Clemes project

table lamp - yellow table lamp and striped rug

40. The yellow table lamp is widely used to attract attention. Karen Pisacane Project

table lamp - living room with side table and lamp

41. Many table lamp models work with chrome. Project by Paulo Carvalho

table lamp - bedroom with table lamp and wallpaper

42. The small table lamp can be used in many ways. Kali Architecture Project

table lamp - chrome table lamp and black leather chair

43. The silver table lamp is very beautiful. Fernando Piva Project

table lamp - wooden table with table lamp

44. Industrial and rustic table lamp models are very common. Pietro Terlizzi’s project

table lamp - bucket table lamp

45. Table lamp that resembles bucket is a lot of fun. Project by Lúcio Nocito

table lamp - bedroom with table lamp and decorative frames

46. ​​Most modern table lamp usually works with different formats. Project by Antônio Ferreira & Mário Celso

table lamp - red table lamp

47. The table lamp can be attached to the surface. Buji Decoration Reuse Project

table lamp - table lamp and pictures

48. The transparent table lamp is very contemporary. Mariana Martini Project

table lamp - created white wall with table lamp

49. The articulated table lamp is the most modern. Project by Maricy Marcos

table lamp - bedroom with lamp and wooden panel

50. Many models of table lamp imitate the lamp. Project by Antônio Ferreira & Mário Celso

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