TOP 20 wedding hairstyles in short hair (2020)

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Hey, little bride, guest or godmother! This post is for you who have short hair and want to look beautiful at the wedding. We have separated our best inspirations for wedding hairstyles in short straight, curly, curly hair, in addition to some beautiful options to do alone (step by step) in the blink of an eye!

Short hair is not synonymous with dull hair! Going to a wedding or an event? You don’t need to grow your hair. It is possible to do a beautiful hairstyle in your hair still short, do you want to see?

Before going for the hairstyle, it is worth keeping in mind:

The importance of the right cut

It is important to have the cut up-to-date, especially for wedding hairstyles in short hair semi-attached where the strands are in evidence. So, days before the ceremony, look for a hairdresser you trust to trim the tips and do that moisturizing to keep your hair healthy.

If you want to cut your hair for the wedding, be sure to choose a style that enhances your face and personality. Talk to the salon professional so he can indicate the best option.

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Wedding time

Outdoor, beach or country weddings combine with more natural short hair wedding hairstyles, nothing too elaborate. A good trick is the use of babyliss to create wide undulations, as they give an effect of lightness and spontaneity.

At night, the ideal are wedding hairstyles with short hair and red carpet style, diva, glamorous. Good choices can be: strands attached to the side, volume at the top, delicate waves or even a side braid. Here, accessories such as tiaras with delicate stones, flowers, barrettes are great allies to enhance production.

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TOP 20 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wedding hairstyles in short hair with accessories

Whether day or night, there is a perfect accessory for the occasion and for all types of hair, curly, straight and curly. Tiaras, crown with flowers, barrettes, headband are some options that can make the production even more beautiful!

The floral accessories are beautiful for outdoor weddings, already at night, the models with stones, rhinestones or very delicate flowers with sparkling dots leave the look with a touch of romanticism and glamor.

-> Pencil Tip: If you are looking for something very discreet, but that still makes a difference in your look, bet on loops with simpler design (straight and without drawing), with the application of stones, rhinestones or even those that have a flower shape.

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Wedding hairstyles with short hair with braid

And if you think it is not possible to braid the short strands, get that idea out of your head. Yes, it’s possible! You can bet on this look to rock your wedding. Fitted or side braids are beautiful in any type of hair, especially if you have accessories to complete the beauty of the production. In the case of the side braid you also have the advantage of highlighting the earrings … If you intend to give your jewelery a special highlight, you found the ideal hairstyle!

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Wedding hairstyles in short straight hair (1a, 1b and 1c)

Straight hair is usually the most difficult hair to handle when it comes to wedding hair in short hair, especially if you want to add some kind of texture. However, there are some very easy hairstyles, which require little practice and which give a very beautiful effect on short straight hair. Don’t forget to always abuse the fastener to hold all the wires in place!

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